Supplements that Actually Work for Weight Loss

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It’s been a while! The blog took a back seat as the Youtube channel was getting settled in but I think it is high time to kick back up the social presence and that includes blogs! So here we go!

Are there any supplements that ACTUALLY work for weight loss and fat loss? You have heard about and seen hundreds if not thousands of supplements promising a reduction in stomach fat, arm fat, leg fat, fat fat…just takes his pill and POOF! It’s all gone.

You probably have also seen all the recalls on weight loss pills. Many times they are damaging to the heart or other vital organs and therefore, get recalled. So what can you do? Is there anything that will actually help?

The answer is complicated and leans toward a big fat no.

It isn’t so bad though. Consider this: there is no pill that will cause you to lose weight but there are supplements that will greatly increase your chances. The big kicker here is you still have to put in the work.

There is no pill that will cause you to lose weight

This weeks Youtube videos:

  1. Water Weight or Fat? How do you know if your weight loss is or will be fat, or just water weight?
  2. Why Get a Personal Trainer? PTs will help you lose weight – unlike pills and this video will explain their greatest strengths you should take advantage of.
  3. Best Activity for Weight Loss – if exercise isn’t all that exciting to you, there are other alternatives. It’s still exercise, but for sure not traditional and a lot more fun than you think.

I know it might not be fun to hear that work is needed but that is our major issue here in the United States. YOU MUST PUT IN THE EFFORT. Diet, exercise, getting a personal trainer, working HARD – these things lead to weight loss. So what supplements can help you get there? I’m glad you asked and you are extremely happy that I’m finally giving you the answer…so here we go.

Protein Powder

Ahh the old whey protein powder. This stuff, believe it or not, really does help with fat loss. No, your body doesn’t say “oh hey, look! Protein! Let’s start getting rid of this fat!” that would be too easy. It helps with your fat loss in a different way.

See, when you go to the gym, you lift weights (you are lifting weights right? If not, check out this video – it applies to men too so don’t get all tough on me) and when you lift weights, you break down muscle fibers and cause microscopic damage.

Here’s the crazy thing: That damage is your saving grace when it comes to fat loss.

Think of it this way: The walls of Jerusalem were knocked down so many times I have lost count (and that is just what is recorded in the Bible alone!) think how much energy, like literal energy, it took to rebuild the wall, buildings, houses etc. all those times? I bet those were the most in shape Israelites of all time! How lucky!

Seriously though, that is your muscle. When you go into the gym – you break down the walls of Jerusalem. Your body gets to work rebuilding it almost right away and that takes energy. Energy comes from food and when you don’t have enough food to rebuild the walls then your fat stores will kick in! Brilliant!

So protein powder comes into play when the body starts to rebuild that muscle. The body uses protein to rebuild (they are, after all, called the building blocks of life) and your protein powder is a perfect start up mixture to get your body revving in high gear!

You can get my recommended protein powder here


Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) is basically just more protein, but they are the super stars of the protein world. These guys will kick your protein synthesis into high gear which means more productive “workers” who are burning more calories and getting up Jerusalem’s walls the much faster! Faster building = faster results and more weight loss! WOO!

You can get my recommended BCAAs here


I put this one last because, although it might be the most effective of the 3 in terms of weight loss, a lot of people are a bit weary of it. I would talk to your doctor before taking it just to make sure, but creatine is a naturally occurring element in our food (mainly in pork and beef) and has been proven to be completely safe. With that said, just double check with your doctor first.

So your body runs off of ATP. Creatine phosphate replenishes the ‘P’ when one has been used up and that keeps the muscles running (that is almost sinfully oversimplified but it will do the trick for now). So in order to carry more ‘P’ to the ‘ATP’ you need more ‘C’ (C = creatine).

Before, when you would have had to give up after 10 reps, you will now be able to get 11, maybe even 12! It might not sound like a big deal, but the amount of damage that occurs in squeezing out those last 1 or 2 reps is insane! We talked about why damage is so important, so that is why this might be the most effective of the 3 for fat loss.

You can get my recommended creatine supplement here

The beauty is in how these three supplements work together

This blog is getting long – so I’ll keep this short: The creatine helps you break down more of Jerusalem’s walls > the BCAAs cause your body to get your workers all revved up and ready to rebuild that wall > the protein is the building blocks that your revved up workers will use to repair the extensive damage caused by the wall being knocked down which really was the job of creatine.

It’s a glorious cycle of weight loss and fun! Or at least weight loss…

Now, let me say one last thing – you DO NOT NEED ANYTHING BESIDES HARD WORK TO LOSE WEIGHT

There. I said it. But these things sure can help.

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Thank you so much for reading. Have a great rest of your night and God bless!

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(PS – I would never ever ever recommend something I didn’t believe in and truly believed would help you. Money isn’t so important that lies are required to make it. I hope you enjoy your new supplements!)

Mixing It Up for Weight Loss

I have a short one for you this week: What things can you switch up and WHY switch anything up for weight loss? Check it out:

Switching it up can increase fat loss

If you feel stuck during your weight loss journey, try these first:

  1. Your workout style
    1. If you all you do is cardio, add weight training. If all you do is lift weights, add in some cardio
  2. Type of cardio
    1. If you typically run on the treadmill, mix it up and go for the bike, or the elliptical, or the stair master. Switching this up is super noticeable and you will feel like it is MUCH harder. That is the point. If your body becomes too adapted to one type of cardio it gets easier and you stop burning as many calories.
  3. Rep range
    1. If you lift weights for weight loss (congratulations, you are well ahead of the curve on that one) then try mixing up your rep range. I can’t tell you how many people I have seen that ALWAYS do 10 reps on every single exercise. Or 12-15 or 8-10 or whatever it is. If you typically do 12 reps, try lifting heavier and doing 8-10 reps (with safe form of course) and if you like to do 10 reps try switching it up and do 20.
    2. It’s important to hit every muscle fiber type, and the only way to do that is to switch up your rep ranges from time to time. I like to do a combo and half my sets for each exercise do higher reps and the other half do lower reps with higher weight.

Told ya it was a short one. Until next week – keep working hard and keep up the intensity! You got this!

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Have a great week and God Bless!

Why your Health Plan Fails when going out with Friends

I am going to be doing a YouTube video on this topic (check the channel out here for other vids in the meantime) because I think it is just that important: why do we fall off our plans? Usually it’s when we go out, eat “bad” and stop our momentum.

So why does your health plan fail when going out with friends? You are doing great for a week or two, maybe even a couple months and finally you feel you have earned the right to go out with friends, have some drinks and enjoy some forbidden foods.

So you do – and then you feel horrible about it. And then the next day you feel even worse. You don’t do your workout because you are either feeling too guilty or you are too hungover (totally been there) and that makes you feel even worse. So what do you do? Drown out your sorrows in ice cream. Hey – no one can blame you. Actually, considering everything said above that is probably the best part of your plan.

So what do you do? Drown our your sorrows in ice creamyourself.

So, in order to answer the question: why does your health plan fail when going out with friends…we have to tackle it from the thing causing the problem in the first place and working down from there.

  1. It starts with earning the right to go out, have drinks, and eat “bad”.
    • You have to understand that this lifestyle isn’t a temporary thing. It is FOREVER. There is no falling off the plan when you go out with friends. You have to have a plan that works AND allows you to go out with friends. That is the only way it is sustainable. That is the only way it is forever.
    • You don’t “earn” anything. If going out was a part of your plan from the beginning, then it is just another peg along your path to success.
    • Earning the right to go out and have drinks and eat “bad” food implies that you are taking a break from your current plan – and that is what causes the guilt. Having drinks and eating chicken wings is a part of life. They aren’t “bad” at all.

      “You have to understand that this lifestyle isn’t a temporary thing. It is FOREVER. There is no falling off the plan…”

  2. You must stay on your plan WHILE going out with friends – and no, this doesn’t mean you can’t do what you are friends are doing (or eating, or drinking, or whatever)
    • How can you stay on your plan and have chicken wings? How is that possible? By making chicken wings a part of the plan!
    • This means you MUST be food logging. If you food log, you can plan in a basket of chicken wings, or 4 slices of pizza and 4 beers – at the very beginning of the day.
    • This means, that when it happens you aren’t “falling off” at all – this is how the guilt is avoided and if you look back up at the guilt cycle I explained earlier you will see that without the guilt the “bad” stuff stops at one night. And one night isn’t ever going to add any real body fat – unless you ate like a sumo wrestler and consumed enough beer to down an elephant!
    • Now – is a basket of chicken wings and 4 beers and 2 slices of pizza going to allow you to lose body fat that night? No, probably not. You might break even or maybe even be a little over your “neutral” calorie limit which means that a super small fraction of a fraction of body fat will be added. So little that it won’t mater whatsoever.
    • So – knowing that, now you can see that you have just lost one single night, and that if you get back on the horse (which is easy since really, you never fell off. As well as now, there is no guilt to hold you back) you will be just fine!
    • Are you going to feel GOOD? No, again probably not, but you shouldn’t feel guilt either. You don’t always have to and won’t always feel good about things – one trip to the gym can change all that, so it isn’t a big deal.
    • You must think of last night, in this scenario, as a positive thing. If you didn’t have that night – you would eventually quit. Where would that get you? Last night was a longevity thing. Last night will allow you to put in another 6-13 or more days focusing hard on your goals. If every break even night is balanced out with 6-13 or more focused nights, you better believe you will find success.

      I’m going to do my best to explain, very quickly, the “break even or neutral calorie limit” I mentioned above: 1. Once you are in myfitnesspal, and after a while of using it you will discover you lose 1 lb. of body fat on average per week at X number of calories. This will be roughly 500 calories UNDER where you need to be in order to lose weight. If you are aiming for 500 calories under on myfitnesspal, and you go OVER by 500 calories on the app – you will actually be breaking even or “neutral”. If you go 700-800 or even 1000 over, you will gain roughly 1/6 a lb. of body fat – IF you allow it time. Body fat takes time to make – so remove the guilt, get back in the gym, and this body fat won’t even have time to be added. And even if it is, 1/6 a lb. is easy to lose. You may not realize it but your body burns through more than that each week without you even trying – it’s just that usually you gain more than that so you don’t notice it!

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The Benefits of Exercise for Weight Loss – Different than you think?

This is part 3 (part 1 – failure /part 2 – food logging) to a 3 part series. I went in reverse order of importance so, technically this is the least important aspect to your weight loss but in a way – it might be most important. That sure is confusing. So keep reading!

So, what’s the deal, why is exercise not so important AND so important?

Well this is a complicated answer which is why the confusion is there in the first place. Exercise in and of itself doesn’t actually burn very many calories. Especially when you are talking about cardio, you don’t burn enough calories to justify getting up and going to the gym at all. The things that are far more important than exercise are food logging and the “never say die” attitude.

Based off that – there really isn’t a reason to exercise. But there are some HUGE advantages to getting in the habit of exercise that don’t directly come from the exercise itself:


  1. A feeling of positivity
    • Remember the last time you went to the gym when you didn’t want to? By the end of the session you were probably feeling like a million bucks! The cool thing about exercise is that phenomena NEVER STOPS. Every time you go to the gym, especially when you don’t want to, you will leave feeling like a certified bad ass who has earned their right to be happy.
  2. Metabolic boost
    • So I said that exercise in and of itself doesn’t burn many calories. That is true. But the metabolic effect exercise has on the body DOES burn many calories. So this is the exact reason why exercise isn’t very important, and yet it is super important.
    • So when a person goes to the gym, they might only burn 150-250 calories. That isn’t going to make much of a difference and simply skipping a slice of cheese on your sandwich and not having that protein bar to fuel your workout in the first place would have been just as effective.
    • What skipping those two food items WON’T do for you however is ramp up your calorie burning for the next 24-72 hours! That’s right, your weight lifting workout (or HIIT cardio workout) will ramp up your metabolism so that it is burning calories LITERALLY WHILE YOU SLEEP for the next couple days!
    • Our goal with exercise isn’t to lose the fat while you are at the gym, the goal is to put your body in a position to lose the fat at all other times of the day. In fact, while in the gym, the last thing the body is trying to do is use fat for energy. That simply takes too long. So it won’t use fat for energy until it has the time to do so – and that is the other 23 hours outside of the gym, including while you sleep. Pretty cool huh?
  3. A sense of habitual scheduling
    • This life – the healthy lifestyle that everyone wants but seems so hard to grasp – is a life of scheduling. When done correctly most people find it best to schedule grocery store trips, schedule what they are eating for dinner each day (and maybe even for lunch, 2 snacks, and breakfast as well), schedule workout days as well as what workout to do on those days etc. etc.
    • When you are working out you will develop this mentality, when given long enough, that this is just how life is: you workout. It no longer is a chore, but it is your life. That might come off as something sad – something like “well, this existence is my life, I guess I better deal with it”. But that is the opposite of what happens. You end up enjoying this lifestyle. You don’t say to yourself every morning “Well, I have to brush my teeth. It’s just how it is” in a sad depressing tone do you? Most people enjoy the feeling of brushing their teeth when, at once point in their life, it was something they had to do, now it is something they want to do.
    • It really does take less effort when something is a habit. The scheduling aspect of this lifestyle will help make it a habit and at the root of this habit forming is a scheduled group of workouts each and every week.
  4. Body composition
    • Maybe the most important one – you don’t actually want to lose weight, you want to to gain muscle and lose fat. You want your body composition to change. Even if you are saying “no, trust me, I want to lose weight” that is simply because you don’t understand what you are asking for. Look up marathon runners and tell me if that is what you want to look like (not all of them have this problem, but most). They don’t have any figure, they don’t have any shape, because they don’t have any muscle.
    • Another reason you want muscle, which only exercise will give (not simply dieting) is the increased metabolic response (burning more calories by simply doing nothing) each and every day for years and years to come. This is best described in an illustration: old people. They tend to stop moving because things hurt, then they start to lose that muscle due to the lack of movement, then they aren’t burning calories as much anymore and so they start to gain body fat, then moving hurts even more because they are moving around extra weight with LESS muscle to help them, then the cycle repeats and gets worse and worse.
    • Exercise will help you keep that muscle, and gain a little bit more, making it easier to lose fat and keep it off the rest of your life. It also doesn’t hurt that you will be able to do things that normally you wouldn’t have been able to do. Bringing in 10 bags of groceries at once, as shallow as this might sound, feels pretty nice. Not because I’m awesome and super strong, but because now I only have to take one trip to the car. Apply that to every aspect of life – the small things in life get easier and easier. You become more and more confident and enjoying the thing that got you to that confidence: exercise. Then you do it more, and you get even awesomer – another cycle but this time a good one.

Well that is all for this post. It was a simple one but an important one! You MUST exercise if your want to successfully lose weight and keep it off. I hope you enjoyed and I ask that you please share to help spread the positivity!

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Thanks for reading and as always – God Bless!

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Ridiculous Fitness Infomercials!

A quick post today, on some funny fitness infomercials! What fun! Sometimes strange…creepy…but also fun! I’ll link to the blog that I got the videos from if you want to see more details beyond the video I made – but for some entertainment – go check out our Facebook page for my commentary on these interesting gadgets!

**Video will be posted June 30th by 6:00pm central time**

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Food Logging – A skill you MUST master if you wish to lose weight

Food logging (v) a torture method used, starting sometime in the 21st century, to confuse and cause feelings of guilt and sadness.

That is how most people who don’t food log, think of food logging. That it is something that, by design, is dreadful and downright depressing. Either one, because they feel their food log “judges” them, two that food logging just can’t be done fast enough and they just want to eat or thee, a combo of the one and two.

Well I’m here to tell you that food logging IS ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL to your weight loss goals. I also am here to tell you that your food log will not (if used correctly) be used to judge you and that it also gets 10x faster once you give it some time and practice. Continue ahead for some tips and insights into food logging – and if you take these tips to practice – just watch as your weight loss aspirations actually start to become a reality.

Thank you again for coming back for another Driving Weight Loss blog! This is part 2 of a 3 part series (part 1) where we are going to discuss food logging. What it is, why it is important (or essential would be a better word) and how to make it a bit easier with one game changing tip toward the end! Here we go!

Food logging

What is food logging?

You very well might be familiar with food logging but just for the sake of putting us all on the same page: it is the act of logging, whether on pen and paper, phone, or any other method, the calories, macro, and micro nutrients of a person’s food intake.

What is food logging NOT? The act of logging only when you are able to eat “good” foods.

Too many people think that they can only food log on the good days (or nights) or when they have been doing good with their workouts and eating “good” foods. Good good good, all is good. Well in real life, not all is good. Most days in fact aren’t going to be all good. Food logging is just data collection allowing us to make changes in the FUTURE, better equipping us to succeed.

This leads to a small point which I won’t harp on for more than this sentence: since a food log should be used to help us make adjustments in the future, we should think about it in a way that says “Oh, I didn’t do too well here. How can I fix this for next time?” instead of “Oh, I suck. Look how bad I did”. It’s about your mind set.

Why is it essential?

The next topic on food logging is why? Why food log? It does take a bit of time, especially at first, and it can certainly make a person feel some guilt (but, only if the mindset hasn’t changed as just discussed) so why is it so important?

Well, we can’t fix a problem if we don’t know the problem is there. A food log (one taken over several weeks or months especially) is so useful when it comes to making adjustments.

If, over the course of 3-5 weeks, we don’t notice the scale moving we can make adjustments assuming we have access to a food log. Let’s say a person is eating on average 2,400 calories and over the last 4 weeks has not only not lost any weight, but it seems they have gained some weight. Well, this would be a problem. Not one that a person should freak out about – but only because we now have the power to STOP it! So, with my clients, I look at their food log, see that their calories have been fairly consistent and we drop those down to about 2,100.

If they say something like “that is going to be really hard, I don’t know if I will be able to do that” (and a lot of times, it isn’t a problem at all once they give it a try) well then once again, we have a means to provide a solution: the food log!

After my client says something along those lines I will go through their food log and usually spot something that can help a lot. For illustrative purposes let’s say they have been eating 3 tbsp of peanut butter and been slightly high on their fat because of it (which I only know because I have a food log in front of me) well, the solution to our problem becomes readily apparent: we can drop about 300 calories by removing something that isn’t taking up much space in the stomach at all. This means that my client won’t hardly even notice that they are eating less.

I wouldn’t take out 300 calories of chicken breast – because that is part of what is making them feel so satisfied on 2,400 calories. But something as small as 3 tbsp? Yeah, let’s try that first.

A food log

So, what is the game changing tip to make food logging easier?

Okay, so, food logging takes time. I can’t argue that. Especially at first you are going to feel like you are spending more time food logging than actually eating (which, you very well might be). But how can we make it easier? I have an awesome tip for you (albeit, maybe not that secret anymore) but first I am going to give you a couple of simple ones:

  1. Cook in bulk
    1. This doesn’t have to be gourmet food. Simply cooking 10 lbs. of chicken breast and 8 cups of rice along with 10 cups of veggies can make so many meals it will last you for a week! I know you don’t want to eat all that chicken, but that is just one example. Do this with a couple of other things and you have a lot of variety all week long.
  2. Keep your ingredients simple
    1. When first starting out, it might not be a good idea to try and cook new recipes and long ingredient list recipes. Chili for instance – that can be a drag to food log if you are new to it. So keep it simple: Choose a protein (chicken, fish, eggs etc.), choose a carb (rice, beans, pasta etc.) and choose a veggie, add some healthy olive oil, and you have a simple meal that is extremely easy to food log.
  3. Use a slow cooker!
    1. This could be the game changing tip right here! But – it’s not. It’s just common sense – these things are amazing. You can cook 3-4 potatoes WHILE YOU ARE AT WORK!!! I know I know, you already knew that but it’s still cool and deserved all caps. You can cook chicken, beans, even rice in a slow cooker. It saves time and helps you cook in bulk while keeping ingredients simple.

Now, the one that most people know but they may not know just how awesome this tip is until they really put it to practice:

4. Buy and use a food scale – for almost EVERYTHING

Start looking at food labels. Almost all food has grams in their serving size. So a serving of baked chips might say: About 17 chips (53g). Peanut butter says something along the lines of: 2 TBSP (32g). Greek yogurt says: 1/4 cup (30g). The grams is game changing. This means that you can skip those stupid measuring spoons and measuring cups.

Let me show you an example using a sandwich:

  1. Place your plate on the food scale and “zero” it out
  2. Your mustard says 2tsp or 5g is a serving – so you put your bread on the scale, zero it out again, and pour it on until it says 5g. Zero the scale again.
  3. Place your ham on the sandwich (a serving size is 2oz. or 32g, just as an example) so you can either switch the measurement to oz or stick with grams and you stop when it says – you guessed it 32. Or if you are looking for more protein, when it says 64g etc. etc.
  4. Now we get to the miracle whip (or mayo for you miracle whip haters out there). This one is a bit more tricky because it kind of sticks together and is harder to get an exact gram amount. Let’s say the serving is 1/8 cup or 15g. Take the plate off the scale and place the mayo jar on the scale – zero it out – scoop out the mayo until it says -15g! EASY!

You literally can food log a sandwich in 30 seconds. Would it take less time if you skipped the food logging? Sure, but when you are good enough at this it will only take you an extra 10 minutes a day at most. If you don’t have 10 minutes a day to spare then you don’t have time to lose weight in the first place.

This food scale tip works with almost EVERYTHING out there. It is an absolute time saver and game changer. Start looking at all the things you could log if you used grams and for things like mayo (peanut butter, even shredded cheese, other things) place the jar or container on the food scale and scoop out until it gives you a negative number. No more scraping the peanut butter up and wondering “is this a tablespoon? It is kind of over the top but there is a bubble there as well. And when I scoop it out some of the peanut butter is on the side – what do I do about that?” Avoid all that by using a scale. Easy peasy lemon squeezey!

Sometimes being taught how to food log more efficiently isn’t enough. That is where a personal trainer comes in. When you have a person telling you this but tailored specifically for your situation, it can be a life saver. 4 Faith Fitness specializes in online personal training done through an easy to use app. Go to our website to find out more details and start your two week free trial – experience having a trainer in your pocket 7 days a week and make this the last time you try to lose weight. Never. Fail. Again.

Why Failing to Lose Weight is your Greatest Chance at Weight Loss

In my last post I talked about the world giving you 1 million rules to weight loss – and how you really only needed the first three: 

  1. Exercise
  2. Food Logging
  3. Never. Ever. Quitting.

Now that you know how important those first three rules are, and that really those are the only things a person losing weight should be focusing on when first trying to change their habits (as you get more experience at this, it gets easier so you can add more to your plate) I thought I would expand upon these rules – to help you really grasp each one more in depth. This will be, you guessed it, a three part series!

I want to go in reverse order – since learning to “Never. Ever. Quit” is my favorite rule to talk about – not to mention it might be the most important skill you will learn throughout your weight loss journey.

So without further delay (and hopefully a shorter post than last time): How to Never. Ever. Quit:

Fall 7 times

Success literally depends upon your failures

Think about it: no where in life does ANYONE succeed without first failing. And usually failing many, many times. The best example I can think of now is our oh-so-fun-to-talk-about President of the United States. He is a very successful business man. But what about the bankruptcies you might say?! Well – those are probably why he is so successful in the first place.

Donald Trump learned from his mistakes and absolute failures (and I’m not claiming to be an expert on him or on business, this is just an illustration) and turned them into undeniable success. This same concept can be applied to weight loss. Because no one learns from their success. After we do something right, or do something well, we don’t change that thing, right?

And who can blame you? Why would you fix something that isn’t broken? But when we fail, we change – we adapt, we get better, we improve. Sometimes we quit. Avoid that last part and you have just unlocked the secret to never failing ever ever ever again. How powerful is it when a person can’t fail? They would be invincible. They could do anything. That person, very easily, could be you.

Because no one learns from their success

There isn’t really any coaching that can make you into the person that takes their failures and turns them into your power. The only thing I can do is tell you that I can guarantee that if you get back on the horse, learn from your mistake, adapt, and get better, your body won’t even have time to realize you messed up. The only thing that knows you ate something bad is you, your guilt – your body remains clueless for a while (do it again and again and it starts to catch on, then body fat is added, but that takes a lot of time).

10g of protein, 20g of carbs and 10g of fat – let’s say you and your twin (pretend you have one) ate those macros. One of you ate a piece of cheesecake and the other ate a small piece of fish with a side of whole grain rice and some avocado (I don’t know why, just do me a favor and play along). One twin would most certainly be more full, because more than likely half of their plate would have been full and now all that food sits in their belly. But the other twin, the one who ate the cheesecake, they may not be full but guess what? And this is controversial to some I know:

Your bodies can’t tell the difference.

That almost isn’t a good thing…right? Because that means all your healthy eating is a waste. Well – no, that isn’t the case. There are reasons why the first plate full of fish and whole grains and healthy fats would be better – slower digestion, better sense of accomplishment etc. but for the sake of one meal, it doesn’t matter all that much.

This doesn’t mean that you can go about eating anything and everything you want. It will help if you eat nutrient dense food due to the fact that it will take up more room in your stomach and require more time to eat among other things which leads to the obvious conclusion that one twin will feel more full and have a higher chance of success.

But block all that out for one moment and just consider this: the cheesecake twin (I totally would rather be that one) shouldn’t feel all that bad. In fact, they shouldn’t feel bad at all! Their body doesn’t know the difference so their job at this point is to learn from their mistake (maybe next time they won’t go into the restaurant hungry, or they will ignore the desert menu next time – again, play along), do better next time, get back on the horse and watch as they are now invincible. Because if that person possesses the ability to eat cheesecake AND not give up – they have won this war on fat.

Sometimes being told how to get back on the horse isn’t enough. That is where a personal trainer comes in. When you have a person telling you this but tailored specifically for your situation, it can be a life saver. 4 Faith Fitness specializes in online personal training done through an easy to use app. Go to our website to find out more details and start your two week free trial – experience having a trainer in your pocket 7 days a week and make this the last time you try to lose weight. Never. Fail. Again.

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