Workouts Don’t Have to be “Fancy”

Welcome back to another week and thanks for clicking! Last week, I was writing before my vacation – now I’m writing DURING my vacation! So I’m going to keep this one really short.

Last weeks YouTube videos:

  1. The Effects of Being Obese – This was an important one for me. At the end of the video I give you my own personal experience and hope that this video will fuel you to want to make a change for good!
  2. How to Keep a Food Log – If you are new to food logging this is a good intro video
  3. Weight Loss Motivation Tips – How to stay motivated! Getting motivated is easy, keeping it is hard!

So what do I mean by “workouts don’t have to be fancy”?

Well I realized, after my last post went live, that I never told you really HOW to workout without a gym on vacation. So this post can be applied to anywhere, not just on vacation, but this is a follow up.

Bodyweight is a lot harder than you might think

If you haven’t done a body weight workout in a while, you might be thinking things like “if it isn’t in the gym, it isn’t hard enough” or “you can’t lose weight just working out in your living room” etc. etc.

Do this workout and THEN tell yourself those things…if you dare (mwahahahaha):

5 rounds of:

  1. 10 body weight lunges
  2. 10 jumping jacks
  3. 5 burpees
  4. 10 body weight squats
  5. 10 jumping jacks

If you aren’t exhausted after that workout then…well just do it again.

The point of this article wasn’t to give you a fully in depth body weight how to guide – it was just to show you that you can workout in your living room, on the beach…literally anywhere and still get a butt kicking workout anytime you want!

That workout probably only took you 20 – 30 minutes at most too. See? Fitness isn’t time consuming!

I told ya this one would be short! Thanks for reading all! As always…God bless!


When you Go on Vacation – Does your Weight Loss Goals Go with you?

Hey hey hey everyone! This week, my wife and I are going to visit her sister in Maine! We have never been and so we are pretty excited! This got me thinking though: Fitness while on vacation is an important topic.

I have never seen so many goals derailed by one singular event: Going on vacation usually means my clients goals go on vacation. Then the guilt sets in, and it can take weeks or months to recover!

Then you aren’t having fun on vacation AND you aren’t progressing. It must be addressed!

Read on for tips on how to stop that horrible cycle.

Last weeks YouTube videos:

  1. How to Stay on a Healthy Diet – This one is perfect to go hand in hand with this article! Staying on a diet can be tricky!
  2. How to Shed Weight Fast – Tips on how to speed up your weight loss! Who doesn’t want that?
  3. Weight Loss Calculators – this one was my favorite of the week! Three calculators that will help you establish and keep up with your goals! Plus, a really fun one at the end, check it out!

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The main problem with Maine

So as I said up above, we are going to Maine. No matter where you are going, the essence of what makes vacationing an issue with weight loss is that there is an issue in the first place.

I think sometimes people believe that vacation and weight loss are polar opposites: One cannot survive if the other is alive (brings back Harry Potter memories…anyone else?)

Get this through your head: Your goals do not have to go on vacation when you do. That is very important to remember and to believe.

Your goals do not have to go on vacation when you do.

Let’s dive into the tips:

1. You must learn to enjoy yourself without the guilt

This does not mean to do whatever you want. With that said though, you are on vacation! Act like you are on vacation! There is going to be good food, there is going to be drinks, there is going to be activities such as “sitting on the beach and doing nothing” and that is okay!

This is a part of life. Just like dealing with problems back at home, you must learn to take this punch and move on. It won’t be good for your goals, but it doesn’t have to be bad either.

This tip is really to help you clear the guilt and help you stay on track with the next tips. So read on….

2. Before every meal, stop, breathe, and pray

Every single time you go out, or every single time you go for a vacation “treat” or whatever – STOP.

Close your eyes if you can, take a breath, and ask God for help. Your goal isn’t to eat healthy, your goal isn’t to even food log it (although it would be helpful to keep this habit up) – your goal is simply to control how much you consume.

If you really take your time, keep the control, and ask the Almighty God for help – you will be able to eat anything without going overboard.

This is a very good skill! This means you can fully enjoy the vacation without ruining your goals from a nutrition standpoint.

3. Find ways to “exercise”

Most resorts and places that are any good at all, have gyms. Do the research before planning your vacation and make sure they have a gym.

If you aren’t already provided with one, make yourself an itinerary (ask them to put gym time on your itinerary if you are provided with one – remember, they are there to serve you during this time).

Let’s back it up to that last sentence because I’m serious: make yourself an itinerary. Literally make a basic plan. This can be as detailed as you want it to be or very simple:

9am – Breakfast

10am – Sit and do nothing

12 noon – Lunch

2pm – workout

Post workout – live and do things that excite me

BOOM. You are done with your itinerary. Treat this thing like an absolute authority. It might have been easy to make, but it is king…well, besides God and your spouse. Other than that you answer to this itinerary! Seriously!

Treat this thing like an absolute authority.

4. Resolve with yourself that anything that happens on vacation doesn’t come back with you

The guilt is what I’m talking about here. You need to know that vacation, enjoyment, relaxing, eating, drinking…all of this is part of life. The ones who succeed on this journey are the ones who realized this, and didn’t let it define them and judge them.

If you can move on, get back on the horse (or maybe never fall off with these tips!) YOU WILL SUCCEED.

Bonus tip: Food log

Continue to food log on vacation. Even if you are WAY over your calories. It is good to keep the habit up, and it will help you “budget”. You might see that 4 beers is simply too many calories and decide against it.

Or, you may decide it is worth it. Either way, it helps.

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Thanks again everyone and as always…God bless!

Loving yourself is where your Weight Loss Truly Takes Off

What is up everyone?! Another week and another blog post: I’m going to try to keep this one short. I say that almost every time – at least to myself. Seriously though, I’m going to try. 

If you are trying to lose weight and have been struggling, this is the post you have been waiting for. I promise you don’t want to miss this. It might be short but I hope it will also be powerful. Here we go:

This weeks YouTube videos:

  1. Tips for Fasted Exercise to Lose Weight – Have you ever heard of exercising while fasted to force your body to burn fat instead of carbs? It really can help! If done wrong though, it can ruin your chances at fat loss.
  2. Why is Weight Loss so Slow – If your weight loss is creeping along, try these 3 tips to speed it back up!
  3. Worst Type of Cardio for Fat Loss – If you are doing this you might be wasting your time! Most people who are overweight/obese try to do this to lose weight. I wonder why most people are still overweight???


The Key to your Fat Loss and your Secret Weapon

Let me start by saying that you aren’t going to be excited by this tip right away. This isn’t a silver bullet, it isn’t a miracle (although it can lead’s to the person who can perform miracles), and it isn’t an overnight success.

The key to your fat loss is learning to love yourself the way you are, or more accurately, the key to fat loss is love.

Again, not that fun right? Keep reading and really apply this to yourself – you’ll probably find that it is true.

Self Hate is Easy – Loving yourself is much harder, and causes motivation

Think about it: you feel guilty all the time. You beat yourself up. You tie yourself down and blame yourself for your failures with weight, food, being a parent, a spouse, a bad employee and probably everything else.

Hating yourself and downing yourself is easy. You heap the blame on yourself, sulk in your sadness, and that’s it.

Fixing yourself is hard. If you love yourself, you are far more likely to fix your situation or your problem.

Hating yourself and downing yourself is easy. You heap the blame on yourself, sulk in your sadness, and that’s it.

Okay – I get it. Honestly though, I still don’t love myself. What gives?

Turning that hate into love isn’t like the flip of a switch. Your heart needs work – you must first love Jesus Christ with everything you got. Believe me – it won’t happen overnight but diving into the Word, asking through prayer, helping and loving others first that will change your heart to that of Christ’s. Then, the self love can start to happen.

It’s easy to hate yourself and stay where you are at. Stand up, ask God for strength, and start loving yourself again. Our Father sure does.

I hope this post can be a bit of a wake up call for some of you. You are awesome, you are beautiful. I know this because my God is perfect and He made you. Start believing it and start taking action to love yourself once again.

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Thanks for reading everyone. As always I hope you have an awesome week – God bless.

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The Only Way to your Weight Loss is by the Hard Road

Hello everybody!

I hope you all had an amazing Labor Day weekend and got to relax, spend time with family, and enjoy yourselves. A quick call to action for everyone reading: Please pray for those in Texas, as well as the upcoming potential catastrophe in Florida. Hurricane Irma is looking stronger than ever.

So – back to the article. As the title says: the only way to your weight loss is by the hard road. There is no magic pill, there is nothing that will “work”. There is no diet that is going to be the answer to all your problems.

The hard road really only involves three things (I never said the hard road had to be the complicated road) – which I am going to discuss more below and tell you how they are going to be hard, which will give you some insight on how to take that road, conquer it, and succeed.

In case you missed it – this weeks YouTube videos:

  1. How Much Weight Should I Lift as a Beginner – do you know how much you should be using in the gym to lose weight? How about when to move up?
  2. What is Online Personal Training? – Online personal training is so powerful! You absolutely must check out this video and look at the software we use which can give you an insight into how easy and effective it can be.
    1. We also have a video going deeper into the benefits of training, particularly online training – check it out here
  3. Best Time to Workout for Weight Loss – In the morning? At night? Is one better than the other? The answer is YES! Sort of. Check it out!

1. Diet

So – it may seem obvious but many miss the mark on this: You must change your diet if you want to succeed. Your current diet is what got you to where you are in the first place. Something has to change. Changing your diet is hard. Be ready for that, but also know that it is so possible! You just have to have a guide to teach you how – like working a new job that feels impossible the first week and by the 10th week you are training others how to do that “impossible” job – give this time, it gets so much easier.

Try by trying to make some smart changes:

  1. Start food logging – doesn’t matter what you eat or how much, just log it (the myfitnesspal app works great for this).
  2. Start trying to get more protein, and less carbs not no carbs.
  3. Start using a smaller dinner plate and controlling your portions
  4. Try to get at least 1 serving of veggies at dinner every night

These are just easy places to start, not the end of this hard road. Notice though that none of those “start” tips asked you to “stop” doing anything? No where did I say “stop eating carbs” or “stop eating pizza” or “stop eating ‘bad’ food”.

Your current diet is what got you to where you are in the first place.

Seriously, simple changes such as these (which will still take time to learn) is all you need to lose weight. You may need more later on, but to start the process and really, to get well over half way through, these are all you need.

2. The Habit of Exercise

This one can be harder than food logging because it involves you physically going somewhere or doing something. Ugh, doing things – I hate doing things. Just as the title implies though – that is why this is the hard road.

You must build your habit of exercise, if you don’t, you will never succeed. Many people try to lose weight through diet alone because it doesn’t involve any actual effort. Well, this fails for a variety of reasons but to keep this article short I’ll just say them and not elaborate on them:

  1. The positive vibes of exercise won’t be there to sustain your diet
  2. We eventually all quit diets
  3. The body will only be losing fat, not sparing lean muscle, slowing the metabolism, and making you “skinny fat”

Now, exercise doesn’t have to be going to the gym, although that is an awesome way of doing it. It can be something like creative exercise (video on that here) where you are actually doing something you enjoy.

It can also be at home. I know I know, you don’t feel motivated when you are at home. Fear not! You can set up your “gym” at your house fairly cheaply (check out this awesome video on how to do that here) OR you can do something simple such as set up a punching bag or a TRX/Monkii Bars on your door frame.  Continue reading “The Only Way to your Weight Loss is by the Hard Road”

How much Protein Should you Consume to Lose Weight?

Hey there everyone! Welcome to another blog and another week. I hope your week has kicked off to a good start and, most importantly, that this upcoming week will be positive and healthy!

So, how much protein should you consume to lose weight? This is an interesting topic and there is a side to this coin that people really don’t know much about! So read on – it will really help your weight loss efforts to know about this topic!

This week’s YouTube videos:

  1. How to Lose Weight Being Obese – Being obese in the first place presents challenges that others might not have faced. It can be hard. These tips will make it a bit easier.
  2. How to Wake Up Early to Workout – Waking up early sucks! Waking up to workout is nearly impossible! There are ways to make this easier though.
  3. How to find Time to Exercise – Having the time to workout can feel impossible with everything else going on. After this video though, you will find it much easier.

Okay so let’s hop into the topic and tackle the question: how much protein should you consume to lose weight? Well first, you must understand the basics of macros:


Carbs are not the enemy! Your body needs them in order to move. It is your bodies ONLY source of energy. People say they can make their body run off of fat – but in reality your body just turns fat into carbs first and THEN uses the carbs for energy. So, it can’t run off fat. It can only run off carbs. So don’t be scared of them! In fact, if you use carbs to fuel hard intense workouts, you will lose more fat than ever.


Fat can be thought of as the transporter. It carries things from point A to point B and is essential to your fat loss goals! Again – don’t be afraid of fat. You need dietary fat in order to lose body fat.


Now of the star of the show and the reason for this article: protein. It is probably the most essential of the 3. You can live without carbs, you can live on very little fat, but you CANNOT live without protein. It is called the building blocks of life for a reason.

Summary of Macros

So, all of these are labeled “don’t be afraid” so what does that mean? It shows us that all of these are essential and you should learn to balance them and use them to your advantage, not hide from them and hate yourself when you consume them.

So now the big Q: How much protein for you?

Okay so this is a quick answer: General rule of thumb is that you should be consuming somewhere around 1g (about .8g – 1g to be exact) of protein per day per pound of body weight. So if you are 180 lbs, shoot for 180g of protein per day. If you are 220 shoot for 220g per day. It really is that easy.

You should be consuming somewhere around 1g of protein per day per pound of body weight.

Now this number, .8-1g/lb/day yes, is high. Remember the unknown side of the coin that I spoke of earlier? Well, the reason you need that high of protein isn’t because high protein diets are effective at helping you lose weight. It isn’t so that your carbs will remain low and therefor effective for losing weight (remember that I also said you shouldn’t be scared of any of the macros). It is so that you can make up the deficit that you are bound to have. Let me explain:

  • So you are trying to lose weight. This means that you, by definition, must malnourish yourself.
  • If you need X amount of calories to remain the way you are, you are going to take in X – 500 in order to lose weight every week.
  • This is why you are malnourished. You aren’t eating enough to remain the same.
  • Remember how I said the only REAL essential macro is protein? They are all important, don’t be scared of them, but the only NEEDED one is protein.
  • Well, since you are taking in less than you need, you have to make sure you are still taking in as much protein as you need. This means you must take in a high(er) amount of protein in order to guarantee that you are making up for the deficit.

So, that really is all there is to it. Pretty simple. You need 1g of protein per lb of body weight per day. This will help everything run at optimal efficiency (assuming all other things are in balance as well) and if you are consuming enough carbs, you will be able to smash your workouts and crush your fat!

Fat is lost when recovering. Protein is the building blocks of life. Protein is the thing doing the recovering. Make sure to eat enough protein 🙂

4 Faith Fitness is working very hard behind the scenes to bring you new packages and a whole new look and feel to how to lose weight! We are very excited about what is to come so stay tuned for that!

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Thanks for reading and as always, God bless!

Supplements that Actually Work for Weight Loss

Hi there.

It’s been a while! The blog took a back seat as the Youtube channel was getting settled in but I think it is high time to kick back up the social presence and that includes blogs! So here we go!

Are there any supplements that ACTUALLY work for weight loss and fat loss? You have heard about and seen hundreds if not thousands of supplements promising a reduction in stomach fat, arm fat, leg fat, fat fat…just takes his pill and POOF! It’s all gone.

You probably have also seen all the recalls on weight loss pills. Many times they are damaging to the heart or other vital organs and therefore, get recalled. So what can you do? Is there anything that will actually help?

The answer is complicated and leans toward a big fat no.

It isn’t so bad though. Consider this: there is no pill that will cause you to lose weight but there are supplements that will greatly increase your chances. The big kicker here is you still have to put in the work.

There is no pill that will cause you to lose weight

This weeks Youtube videos:

  1. Water Weight or Fat? How do you know if your weight loss is or will be fat, or just water weight?
  2. Why Get a Personal Trainer? PTs will help you lose weight – unlike pills and this video will explain their greatest strengths you should take advantage of.
  3. Best Activity for Weight Loss – if exercise isn’t all that exciting to you, there are other alternatives. It’s still exercise, but for sure not traditional and a lot more fun than you think.

I know it might not be fun to hear that work is needed but that is our major issue here in the United States. YOU MUST PUT IN THE EFFORT. Diet, exercise, getting a personal trainer, working HARD – these things lead to weight loss. So what supplements can help you get there? I’m glad you asked and you are extremely happy that I’m finally giving you the answer…so here we go.

Protein Powder

Ahh the old whey protein powder. This stuff, believe it or not, really does help with fat loss. No, your body doesn’t say “oh hey, look! Protein! Let’s start getting rid of this fat!” that would be too easy. It helps with your fat loss in a different way.

See, when you go to the gym, you lift weights (you are lifting weights right? If not, check out this video – it applies to men too so don’t get all tough on me) and when you lift weights, you break down muscle fibers and cause microscopic damage.

Here’s the crazy thing: That damage is your saving grace when it comes to fat loss.

Think of it this way: The walls of Jerusalem were knocked down so many times I have lost count (and that is just what is recorded in the Bible alone!) think how much energy, like literal energy, it took to rebuild the wall, buildings, houses etc. all those times? I bet those were the most in shape Israelites of all time! How lucky!

Seriously though, that is your muscle. When you go into the gym – you break down the walls of Jerusalem. Your body gets to work rebuilding it almost right away and that takes energy. Energy comes from food and when you don’t have enough food to rebuild the walls then your fat stores will kick in! Brilliant!

So protein powder comes into play when the body starts to rebuild that muscle. The body uses protein to rebuild (they are, after all, called the building blocks of life) and your protein powder is a perfect start up mixture to get your body revving in high gear!

You can get my recommended protein powder here


Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) is basically just more protein, but they are the super stars of the protein world. These guys will kick your protein synthesis into high gear which means more productive “workers” who are burning more calories and getting up Jerusalem’s walls the much faster! Faster building = faster results and more weight loss! WOO!

You can get my recommended BCAAs here


I put this one last because, although it might be the most effective of the 3 in terms of weight loss, a lot of people are a bit weary of it. I would talk to your doctor before taking it just to make sure, but creatine is a naturally occurring element in our food (mainly in pork and beef) and has been proven to be completely safe. With that said, just double check with your doctor first.

So your body runs off of ATP. Creatine phosphate replenishes the ‘P’ when one has been used up and that keeps the muscles running (that is almost sinfully oversimplified but it will do the trick for now). So in order to carry more ‘P’ to the ‘ATP’ you need more ‘C’ (C = creatine).

Before, when you would have had to give up after 10 reps, you will now be able to get 11, maybe even 12! It might not sound like a big deal, but the amount of damage that occurs in squeezing out those last 1 or 2 reps is insane! We talked about why damage is so important, so that is why this might be the most effective of the 3 for fat loss.

You can get my recommended creatine supplement here

The beauty is in how these three supplements work together

This blog is getting long – so I’ll keep this short: The creatine helps you break down more of Jerusalem’s walls > the BCAAs cause your body to get your workers all revved up and ready to rebuild that wall > the protein is the building blocks that your revved up workers will use to repair the extensive damage caused by the wall being knocked down which really was the job of creatine.

It’s a glorious cycle of weight loss and fun! Or at least weight loss…

Now, let me say one last thing – you DO NOT NEED ANYTHING BESIDES HARD WORK TO LOSE WEIGHT

There. I said it. But these things sure can help.

If you have not already checked out the new youtube channel I have been putting a huge amount of effort into making it awesome. I am still getting better at the editing but it is miles ahead of where it has been in the past.

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If you have read this far, I commend you. If you ever want to “read” this again but don’t feel like going through the pain of reading more than once a week – then click here to watch the video of everything I talked about here (with even more info in even less time).

Thank you so much for reading. Have a great rest of your night and God bless!

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(PS – I would never ever ever recommend something I didn’t believe in and truly believed would help you. Money isn’t so important that lies are required to make it. I hope you enjoy your new supplements!)

Mixing It Up for Weight Loss

I have a short one for you this week: What things can you switch up and WHY switch anything up for weight loss? Check it out:

Switching it up can increase fat loss

If you feel stuck during your weight loss journey, try these first:

  1. Your workout style
    1. If you all you do is cardio, add weight training. If all you do is lift weights, add in some cardio
  2. Type of cardio
    1. If you typically run on the treadmill, mix it up and go for the bike, or the elliptical, or the stair master. Switching this up is super noticeable and you will feel like it is MUCH harder. That is the point. If your body becomes too adapted to one type of cardio it gets easier and you stop burning as many calories.
  3. Rep range
    1. If you lift weights for weight loss (congratulations, you are well ahead of the curve on that one) then try mixing up your rep range. I can’t tell you how many people I have seen that ALWAYS do 10 reps on every single exercise. Or 12-15 or 8-10 or whatever it is. If you typically do 12 reps, try lifting heavier and doing 8-10 reps (with safe form of course) and if you like to do 10 reps try switching it up and do 20.
    2. It’s important to hit every muscle fiber type, and the only way to do that is to switch up your rep ranges from time to time. I like to do a combo and half my sets for each exercise do higher reps and the other half do lower reps with higher weight.

Told ya it was a short one. Until next week – keep working hard and keep up the intensity! You got this!

If you are interested in starting your weight loss journey or just need some help, to go 4 Faith Fitness’ webpage to start your free 2 week trial. Having a personal trainer with you 7 days a week to pick you back up when you fall cannot be underestimated. You WILL lose weight – you CAN achieve your goals. Give online training a chance and never look back!

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Have a great week and God Bless!