The “Must Do’s” of Losing Weight

The world tells you to do 1 million things. You really only need 3.


So 4 Faith Fitness has launched a Podcast (well, almost) and a matching blog. The details might not be hammered out yet (the corny picture of the ocean down below is default – I don’t know though, I kinda like it) – stay tuned, the details will be sorted out soon enough. Now, enjoy the picture of this ocean and take a deep breath before you dive on in (pun most definitely intended):


The Staples of Weight Loss

If you are trying to lose weight there are 1 million rules the world tells you about:

  1. Eat chicken breast – only the boneless, skinless variety
  2. Avoid fats
  3. Remove carbs
  4. Remove sugar
  5. Get enough protein
  6. Workout X number of days
  7. But not X number of days or you’ll overtrain

8 – 1 million. Don’t eat these 999,992 foods

In truth there are only a couple things that really matter. Sure, the other things might help you a little bit. But rule 1 – 3 is going to be 99% of your success while the other 999,995 aren’t going to count for much (if I did my math right, roughly 1%).

Rule 1 – Exercise

Exercise is the number one thing to focus on. No, not because it makes the most difference to your fat loss – in fact, it might make the least difference to actual body fat lost. No, it’s due of the vast number of benefits it can provide:

  1. Stress reduction (which in turn, leads to the release of fatty acids, and eventually fat loss)
  2. Feelings of positivity – the “I can do this” mentality which is essential to your goals
  3. Increasing metabolism – burn calories WHILE you sleep – say whaaaat?!
  4. Sparing lean tissue – because when a person says they want to lose weight, they actually mean they want to lose body fat (If you don’t believe me look up the physiques of marathon runners. And then look up the physique of Rhonda Rousey. See?)
  5. A long variety of other benefits outside of the scope of this article

Rule 2 – Food Log

You can’t manage what isn’t tracked – or at least I think that’s how the saying goes. But it’s true. If you aren’t food logging (and this is an art form in itself, posts on this coming in the future for sure) then how will you know if the reason you aren’t losing weight is due to the fact that you accidentally are eating double the calories that you think you are?

Studies show time and time again that we, by default as humans, under estimate the portions and calories of our food. Food logging has been shown to be a trait of roughly 90% of people who have lost weight and kept it off for at least 2 years. THIS IS ESSENTIAL.

Rule 3 – Never. Ever. Quitting.

Know this right now: you are going to fail. You are going to fall. You are going to fail and fall. No one has ever found success or achieved greatness without failing and falling. Rejoice in your shortcomings because those are the opportunities God has presented for you to learn and grow!

I can write a whole blog on this one rule (in fact, I will) but for now just get this through your head: when you fail, if you tell yourself “screw it I’m not letting that get to me and I’m getting right back on my plan” you will succeed. It’s when a person gives up and quits that true failure occurs.

It’s when one bad meal leads to a missed workout which leads to 2 more bad meals and then leads to the “I’ll get back on track Monday” which leads to “I’ll get back on track on the 1st” and ends at “what have I been doing these last 3 years” and an extra 15-30 lbs.

Your body doesn’t have time to make fat from one bad night. Do you know how complicated the fat synthesizing process is? I won’t get into details but it isn’t a fast process by any means. It takes so much time that if you get back to your plan the next day (or even in the next week) your body won’t even change! The scale might say otherwise, but trust me, it’s water weight.

Sure you might not progress for a day or two, but that isn’t a big deal when you think about how far you can go with another 4-5 days in a row of crushing it! Put your foot on your fats throat and step down – it’s time to be heartless.

“If you want to achieve greatness stop asking for permission” – Anon

You got this.

Note: There are more “important” things than 3 of course, but worrying about too many things at once almost always leads to failure. Look at your past, how did it go last time you tried to overhaul your life? These 3 are the most important – everything else comes with time. So add patience to the list. Patience is number 4.

Sometimes learning and knowing what to do to lose weight isn’t enough. That is where a personal trainer comes in. 4 Faith Fitness specializes in online personal training done through an easy to use app. Go to our website to find out more details and start your two week free trial – experience having a trainer in your pocket, 7 days a week and make this the last time you try to lose weight.

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