Supplements that Actually Work for Weight Loss

Hi there.

It’s been a while! The blog took a back seat as the Youtube channel was getting settled in but I think it is high time to kick back up the social presence and that includes blogs! So here we go!

Are there any supplements that ACTUALLY work for weight loss and fat loss? You have heard about and seen hundreds if not thousands of supplements promising a reduction in stomach fat, arm fat, leg fat, fat fat…just takes his pill and POOF! It’s all gone.

You probably have also seen all the recalls on weight loss pills. Many times they are damaging to the heart or other vital organs and therefore, get recalled. So what can you do? Is there anything that will actually help?

The answer is complicated and leans toward a big fat no.

It isn’t so bad though. Consider this: there is no pill that will cause you to lose weight but there are supplements that will greatly increase your chances. The big kicker here is you still have to put in the work.

There is no pill that will cause you to lose weight

This weeks Youtube videos:

  1. Water Weight or Fat? How do you know if your weight loss is or will be fat, or just water weight?
  2. Why Get a Personal Trainer? PTs will help you lose weight – unlike pills and this video will explain their greatest strengths you should take advantage of.
  3. Best Activity for Weight Loss – if exercise isn’t all that exciting to you, there are other alternatives. It’s still exercise, but for sure not traditional and a lot more fun than you think.

I know it might not be fun to hear that work is needed but that is our major issue here in the United States. YOU MUST PUT IN THE EFFORT. Diet, exercise, getting a personal trainer, working HARD – these things lead to weight loss. So what supplements can help you get there? I’m glad you asked and you are extremely happy that I’m finally giving you the answer…so here we go.

Protein Powder

Ahh the old whey protein powder. This stuff, believe it or not, really does help with fat loss. No, your body doesn’t say “oh hey, look! Protein! Let’s start getting rid of this fat!” that would be too easy. It helps with your fat loss in a different way.

See, when you go to the gym, you lift weights (you are lifting weights right? If not, check out this video – it applies to men too so don’t get all tough on me) and when you lift weights, you break down muscle fibers and cause microscopic damage.

Here’s the crazy thing: That damage is your saving grace when it comes to fat loss.

Think of it this way: The walls of Jerusalem were knocked down so many times I have lost count (and that is just what is recorded in the Bible alone!) think how much energy, like literal energy, it took to rebuild the wall, buildings, houses etc. all those times? I bet those were the most in shape Israelites of all time! How lucky!

Seriously though, that is your muscle. When you go into the gym – you break down the walls of Jerusalem. Your body gets to work rebuilding it almost right away and that takes energy. Energy comes from food and when you don’t have enough food to rebuild the walls then your fat stores will kick in! Brilliant!

So protein powder comes into play when the body starts to rebuild that muscle. The body uses protein to rebuild (they are, after all, called the building blocks of life) and your protein powder is a perfect start up mixture to get your body revving in high gear!

You can get my recommended protein powder here


Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) is basically just more protein, but they are the super stars of the protein world. These guys will kick your protein synthesis into high gear which means more productive “workers” who are burning more calories and getting up Jerusalem’s walls the much faster! Faster building = faster results and more weight loss! WOO!

You can get my recommended BCAAs here


I put this one last because, although it might be the most effective of the 3 in terms of weight loss, a lot of people are a bit weary of it. I would talk to your doctor before taking it just to make sure, but creatine is a naturally occurring element in our food (mainly in pork and beef) and has been proven to be completely safe. With that said, just double check with your doctor first.

So your body runs off of ATP. Creatine phosphate replenishes the ‘P’ when one has been used up and that keeps the muscles running (that is almost sinfully oversimplified but it will do the trick for now). So in order to carry more ‘P’ to the ‘ATP’ you need more ‘C’ (C = creatine).

Before, when you would have had to give up after 10 reps, you will now be able to get 11, maybe even 12! It might not sound like a big deal, but the amount of damage that occurs in squeezing out those last 1 or 2 reps is insane! We talked about why damage is so important, so that is why this might be the most effective of the 3 for fat loss.

You can get my recommended creatine supplement here

The beauty is in how these three supplements work together

This blog is getting long – so I’ll keep this short: The creatine helps you break down more of Jerusalem’s walls > the BCAAs cause your body to get your workers all revved up and ready to rebuild that wall > the protein is the building blocks that your revved up workers will use to repair the extensive damage caused by the wall being knocked down which really was the job of creatine.

It’s a glorious cycle of weight loss and fun! Or at least weight loss…

Now, let me say one last thing – you DO NOT NEED ANYTHING BESIDES HARD WORK TO LOSE WEIGHT

There. I said it. But these things sure can help.

If you have not already checked out the new youtube channel I have been putting a huge amount of effort into making it awesome. I am still getting better at the editing but it is miles ahead of where it has been in the past.

Please support the channel and subscribe/tune into the videos. I greatly appreciate everyone and their support and views. I really do love that many of you are enjoying them and finding value from them.

If you have read this far, I commend you. If you ever want to “read” this again but don’t feel like going through the pain of reading more than once a week – then click here to watch the video of everything I talked about here (with even more info in even less time).

Thank you so much for reading. Have a great rest of your night and God bless!

DISCLAIMER: This blog contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the blog and allows us to continue to write awesome articles like this. Thank you for the support!

(PS – I would never ever ever recommend something I didn’t believe in and truly believed would help you. Money isn’t so important that lies are required to make it. I hope you enjoy your new supplements!)

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