How much Protein Should you Consume to Lose Weight?

Hey there everyone! Welcome to another blog and another week. I hope your week has kicked off to a good start and, most importantly, that this upcoming week will be positive and healthy!

So, how much protein should you consume to lose weight? This is an interesting topic and there is a side to this coin that people really don’t know much about! So read on – it will really help your weight loss efforts to know about this topic!

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Okay so let’s hop into the topic and tackle the question: how much protein should you consume to lose weight? Well first, you must understand the basics of macros:


Carbs are not the enemy! Your body needs them in order to move. It is your bodies ONLY source of energy. People say they can make their body run off of fat – but in reality your body just turns fat into carbs first and THEN uses the carbs for energy. So, it can’t run off fat. It can only run off carbs. So don’t be scared of them! In fact, if you use carbs to fuel hard intense workouts, you will lose more fat than ever.


Fat can be thought of as the transporter. It carries things from point A to point B and is essential to your fat loss goals! Again – don’t be afraid of fat. You need dietary fat in order to lose body fat.


Now of the star of the show and the reason for this article: protein. It is probably the most essential of the 3. You can live without carbs, you can live on very little fat, but you CANNOT live without protein. It is called the building blocks of life for a reason.

Summary of Macros

So, all of these are labeled “don’t be afraid” so what does that mean? It shows us that all of these are essential and you should learn to balance them and use them to your advantage, not hide from them and hate yourself when you consume them.

So now the big Q: How much protein for you?

Okay so this is a quick answer: General rule of thumb is that you should be consuming somewhere around 1g (about .8g – 1g to be exact) of protein per day per pound of body weight. So if you are 180 lbs, shoot for 180g of protein per day. If you are 220 shoot for 220g per day. It really is that easy.

You should be consuming somewhere around 1g of protein per day per pound of body weight.

Now this number, .8-1g/lb/day yes, is high. Remember the unknown side of the coin that I spoke of earlier? Well, the reason you need that high of protein isn’t because high protein diets are effective at helping you lose weight. It isn’t so that your carbs will remain low and therefor effective for losing weight (remember that I also said you shouldn’t be scared of any of the macros). It is so that you can make up the deficit that you are bound to have. Let me explain:

  • So you are trying to lose weight. This means that you, by definition, must malnourish yourself.
  • If you need X amount of calories to remain the way you are, you are going to take in X – 500 in order to lose weight every week.
  • This is why you are malnourished. You aren’t eating enough to remain the same.
  • Remember how I said the only REAL essential macro is protein? They are all important, don’t be scared of them, but the only NEEDED one is protein.
  • Well, since you are taking in less than you need, you have to make sure you are still taking in as much protein as you need. This means you must take in a high(er) amount of protein in order to guarantee that you are making up for the deficit.

So, that really is all there is to it. Pretty simple. You need 1g of protein per lb of body weight per day. This will help everything run at optimal efficiency (assuming all other things are in balance as well) and if you are consuming enough carbs, you will be able to smash your workouts and crush your fat!

Fat is lost when recovering. Protein is the building blocks of life. Protein is the thing doing the recovering. Make sure to eat enough protein 🙂

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Thanks for reading and as always, God bless!

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