The Only Way to your Weight Loss is by the Hard Road

Hello everybody!

I hope you all had an amazing Labor Day weekend and got to relax, spend time with family, and enjoy yourselves. A quick call to action for everyone reading: Please pray for those in Texas, as well as the upcoming potential catastrophe in Florida. Hurricane Irma is looking stronger than ever.

So – back to the article. As the title says: the only way to your weight loss is by the hard road. There is no magic pill, there is nothing that will “work”. There is no diet that is going to be the answer to all your problems.

The hard road really only involves three things (I never said the hard road had to be the complicated road) – which I am going to discuss more below and tell you how they are going to be hard, which will give you some insight on how to take that road, conquer it, and succeed.

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1. Diet

So – it may seem obvious but many miss the mark on this: You must change your diet if you want to succeed. Your current diet is what got you to where you are in the first place. Something has to change. Changing your diet is hard. Be ready for that, but also know that it is so possible! You just have to have a guide to teach you how – like working a new job that feels impossible the first week and by the 10th week you are training others how to do that “impossible” job – give this time, it gets so much easier.

Try by trying to make some smart changes:

  1. Start food logging – doesn’t matter what you eat or how much, just log it (the myfitnesspal app works great for this).
  2. Start trying to get more protein, and less carbs not no carbs.
  3. Start using a smaller dinner plate and controlling your portions
  4. Try to get at least 1 serving of veggies at dinner every night

These are just easy places to start, not the end of this hard road. Notice though that none of those “start” tips asked you to “stop” doing anything? No where did I say “stop eating carbs” or “stop eating pizza” or “stop eating ‘bad’ food”.

Your current diet is what got you to where you are in the first place.

Seriously, simple changes such as these (which will still take time to learn) is all you need to lose weight. You may need more later on, but to start the process and really, to get well over half way through, these are all you need.

2. The Habit of Exercise

This one can be harder than food logging because it involves you physically going somewhere or doing something. Ugh, doing things – I hate doing things. Just as the title implies though – that is why this is the hard road.

You must build your habit of exercise, if you don’t, you will never succeed. Many people try to lose weight through diet alone because it doesn’t involve any actual effort. Well, this fails for a variety of reasons but to keep this article short I’ll just say them and not elaborate on them:

  1. The positive vibes of exercise won’t be there to sustain your diet
  2. We eventually all quit diets
  3. The body will only be losing fat, not sparing lean muscle, slowing the metabolism, and making you “skinny fat”

Now, exercise doesn’t have to be going to the gym, although that is an awesome way of doing it. It can be something like creative exercise (video on that here) where you are actually doing something you enjoy.

It can also be at home. I know I know, you don’t feel motivated when you are at home. Fear not! You can set up your “gym” at your house fairly cheaply (check out this awesome video on how to do that here) OR you can do something simple such as set up a punching bag or a TRX/Monkii Bars on your door frame. Very soon I will have a lot more content on the Youtube channel about stuff like this. We hope to be getting my Monkii Bars in soon and on the channel we will have workouts, how to’s, tips and tricks using this affordable and convenient system. Seriously, you can get OVER 250 EXERCISES DONE ON THIS THING. No more “I can’t do enough at home” excuse! That’s awesome!

You must build the habit of exercise, if you don’t, you will never succeed.

Now the key here is to make your place of home exercise sacred. Skip this part if you are a gym goer but this part is important for those home exercisers:

Your home gym, no matter how simple, can’t be part of your regular life. You can’t hang clothes on your treadmill, you can’t have your swiss ball and step inside your office (at least not in the middle of everything else) you can’t walk right past your monkii bars hanging on the door.

Clear some room. If you can’t have a separate room, that isn’t accessed unless you are working out, such as a section of the basement or a spare bedroom, then section off a place somewhere. If this lifestyle is important to you, if changing forever and not feeling like this anymore is important, then make it happen!

Go into your office, clean up and move your desk to one side and your workout equipment to the other side. YOU DON’T STEP FOOT ON THAT SIDE UNLESS YOU ARE WORKING OUT. That place is sacred. Like Moses with the burning bush – except instead of taking off your shoes you need to put them on – because nothing hurts worse than dropping a 5lb dumbbell on your big toe!

Once you do this, and you have a designated workout spot, it becomes like the gym: when you are here, you workout. If you let things mix too much, then when you are “here” (in your spot) you could just be drying clothes, or watching TV (not to say that setting up a TV in your workout room is a bad idea. Go for it if you can. Watch shows and exercise at the same time? Yeah, sign me up!)

3. Getting Back Up

This one sucks. This one is very hard. This one habit right here is what makes this “the hard road”. Know this: you are going to fail. You are going to feel like a piece of s***. You are going to not want to continue but you must.

Getting back up starts the positivity cycle. Get back up, go to the gym even though you feel worthless, start back on food logging, start eating veggies and cook your healthier food etc.

The energy it takes to do that stuff when you feel worthless is almost indescribable. I’ve been there, I get it. Once you do it though, even just minutes into getting back up on that horse, you feel alive again.

Practice this enough, get back up enough, keep food logging, keep trying to workout, keep doing doing doing and just watch as the pounds start of fall off and you get better and better at doing these things.

Think about it: Every. Single. Time. In the past you have given up. THAT IS WHY YOU ARE READING THIS. Not because your exercise or diet didn’t work, not because you aren’t good enough (God made you, trust me, you are awesome) it is because you didn’t get back up and keep trying to grow.

The energy it takes to do that stuff when you feel worthless is almost indescribable.

Don’t get me wrong, you will fail. That doesn’t mean you aren’t good enough it means you need a better plan and what went wrong in the past was that you never tried to come up with a better plan.

I hope this article inspires you to go and make it happen. You can achieve everything you want with your weight. Sometimes, you just need the right guide.

Visit our website to start inquiring about online personal training. We are smack dab in the middle of creating a new website and new packages and I am so excited to tell everyone about them once they are done, but this website is still functional and we can give you more info if you are interested in training.

Online personal training is very affordable, you can workout anywhere and anytime, and you can have the accountability and guidance of a personal training in your pocket, 24/7, if you allow it.

As always, remember to go to our Youtube page and subscribe for awesome video content brought to you 3x/week! Talk about learning how to get better at this weight loss thing – that is a whole lot of helpful FREE content that we just love sharing with people.

We hope you have an amazing rest of your day,

God bless

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