Loving yourself is where your Weight Loss Truly Takes Off

What is up everyone?! Another week and another blog post: I’m going to try to keep this one short. I say that almost every time – at least to myself. Seriously though, I’m going to try. 

If you are trying to lose weight and have been struggling, this is the post you have been waiting for. I promise you don’t want to miss this. It might be short but I hope it will also be powerful. Here we go:

This weeks YouTube videos:

  1. Tips for Fasted Exercise to Lose Weight – Have you ever heard of exercising while fasted to force your body to burn fat instead of carbs? It really can help! If done wrong though, it can ruin your chances at fat loss.
  2. Why is Weight Loss so Slow – If your weight loss is creeping along, try these 3 tips to speed it back up!
  3. Worst Type of Cardio for Fat Loss – If you are doing this you might be wasting your time! Most people who are overweight/obese try to do this to lose weight. I wonder why most people are still overweight???


The Key to your Fat Loss and your Secret Weapon

Let me start by saying that you aren’t going to be excited by this tip right away. This isn’t a silver bullet, it isn’t a miracle (although it can lead’s to the person who can perform miracles), and it isn’t an overnight success.

The key to your fat loss is learning to love yourself the way you are, or more accurately, the key to fat loss is love.

Again, not that fun right? Keep reading and really apply this to yourself – you’ll probably find that it is true.

Self Hate is Easy – Loving yourself is much harder, and causes motivation

Think about it: you feel guilty all the time. You beat yourself up. You tie yourself down and blame yourself for your failures with weight, food, being a parent, a spouse, a bad employee and probably everything else.

Hating yourself and downing yourself is easy. You heap the blame on yourself, sulk in your sadness, and that’s it.

Fixing yourself is hard. If you love yourself, you are far more likely to fix your situation or your problem.

Hating yourself and downing yourself is easy. You heap the blame on yourself, sulk in your sadness, and that’s it.

Okay – I get it. Honestly though, I still don’t love myself. What gives?

Turning that hate into love isn’t like the flip of a switch. Your heart needs work – you must first love Jesus Christ with everything you got. Believe me – it won’t happen overnight but diving into the Word, asking through prayer, helping and loving others first that will change your heart to that of Christ’s. Then, the self love can start to happen.

It’s easy to hate yourself and stay where you are at. Stand up, ask God for strength, and start loving yourself again. Our Father sure does.

I hope this post can be a bit of a wake up call for some of you. You are awesome, you are beautiful. I know this because my God is perfect and He made you. Start believing it and start taking action to love yourself once again.

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Thanks for reading everyone. As always I hope you have an awesome week – God bless.

4 Faith Fitness is currently under a “relaunch” – all new packages and an all new approach. I think it is going to work wonders for many of you and I am so excited to unveil it. Stay tuned – we will be taking clients again shortly. When that day comes, be ready to work your butt off and finally get over this hurdle you have battled your whole life!

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