When you Go on Vacation – Does your Weight Loss Goals Go with you?

Hey hey hey everyone! This week, my wife and I are going to visit her sister in Maine! We have never been and so we are pretty excited! This got me thinking though: Fitness while on vacation is an important topic.

I have never seen so many goals derailed by one singular event: Going on vacation usually means my clients goals go on vacation. Then the guilt sets in, and it can take weeks or months to recover!

Then you aren’t having fun on vacation AND you aren’t progressing. It must be addressed!

Read on for tips on how to stop that horrible cycle.

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The main problem with Maine

So as I said up above, we are going to Maine. No matter where you are going, the essence of what makes vacationing an issue with weight loss is that there is an issue in the first place.

I think sometimes people believe that vacation and weight loss are polar opposites: One cannot survive if the other is alive (brings back Harry Potter memories…anyone else?)

Get this through your head: Your goals do not have to go on vacation when you do. That is very important to remember and to believe.

Your goals do not have to go on vacation when you do.

Let’s dive into the tips:

1. You must learn to enjoy yourself without the guilt

This does not mean to do whatever you want. With that said though, you are on vacation! Act like you are on vacation! There is going to be good food, there is going to be drinks, there is going to be activities such as “sitting on the beach and doing nothing” and that is okay!

This is a part of life. Just like dealing with problems back at home, you must learn to take this punch and move on. It won’t be good for your goals, but it doesn’t have to be bad either.

This tip is really to help you clear the guilt and help you stay on track with the next tips. So read on….

2. Before every meal, stop, breathe, and pray

Every single time you go out, or every single time you go for a vacation “treat” or whatever – STOP.

Close your eyes if you can, take a breath, and ask God for help. Your goal isn’t to eat healthy, your goal isn’t to even food log it (although it would be helpful to keep this habit up) – your goal is simply to control how much you consume.

If you really take your time, keep the control, and ask the Almighty God for help – you will be able to eat anything without going overboard.

This is a very good skill! This means you can fully enjoy the vacation without ruining your goals from a nutrition standpoint.

3. Find ways to “exercise”

Most resorts and places that are any good at all, have gyms. Do the research before planning your vacation and make sure they have a gym.

If you aren’t already provided with one, make yourself an itinerary (ask them to put gym time on your itinerary if you are provided with one – remember, they are there to serve you during this time).

Let’s back it up to that last sentence because I’m serious: make yourself an itinerary. Literally make a basic plan. This can be as detailed as you want it to be or very simple:

9am – Breakfast

10am – Sit and do nothing

12 noon – Lunch

2pm – workout

Post workout – live and do things that excite me

BOOM. You are done with your itinerary. Treat this thing like an absolute authority. It might have been easy to make, but it is king…well, besides God and your spouse. Other than that you answer to this itinerary! Seriously!

Treat this thing like an absolute authority.

4. Resolve with yourself that anything that happens on vacation doesn’t come back with you

The guilt is what I’m talking about here. You need to know that vacation, enjoyment, relaxing, eating, drinking…all of this is part of life. The ones who succeed on this journey are the ones who realized this, and didn’t let it define them and judge them.

If you can move on, get back on the horse (or maybe never fall off with these tips!) YOU WILL SUCCEED.

Bonus tip: Food log

Continue to food log on vacation. Even if you are WAY over your calories. It is good to keep the habit up, and it will help you “budget”. You might see that 4 beers is simply too many calories and decide against it.

Or, you may decide it is worth it. Either way, it helps.

Thanks everyone for reading! As was said above, go to our YouTube channel and subscribe! There is hours of video education on that channel completely for free!

The new packages are almost ready! Be ready to hit it hard!

Thanks again everyone and as always…God bless!


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