Workouts Don’t Have to be “Fancy”

Welcome back to another week and thanks for clicking! Last week, I was writing before my vacation – now I’m writing DURING my vacation! So I’m going to keep this one really short.

Last weeks YouTube videos:

  1. The Effects of Being Obese – This was an important one for me. At the end of the video I give you my own personal experience and hope that this video will fuel you to want to make a change for good!
  2. How to Keep a Food Log – If you are new to food logging this is a good intro video
  3. Weight Loss Motivation Tips – How to stay motivated! Getting motivated is easy, keeping it is hard!

So what do I mean by “workouts don’t have to be fancy”?

Well I realized, after my last post went live, that I never told you really HOW to workout without a gym on vacation. So this post can be applied to anywhere, not just on vacation, but this is a follow up.

Bodyweight is a lot harder than you might think

If you haven’t done a body weight workout in a while, you might be thinking things like “if it isn’t in the gym, it isn’t hard enough” or “you can’t lose weight just working out in your living room” etc. etc.

Do this workout and THEN tell yourself those things…if you dare (mwahahahaha):

5 rounds of:

  1. 10 body weight lunges
  2. 10 jumping jacks
  3. 5 burpees
  4. 10 body weight squats
  5. 10 jumping jacks

If you aren’t exhausted after that workout then…well just do it again.

The point of this article wasn’t to give you a fully in depth body weight how to guide – it was just to show you that you can workout in your living room, on the beach…literally anywhere and still get a butt kicking workout anytime you want!

That workout probably only took you 20 – 30 minutes at most too. See? Fitness isn’t time consuming!

I told ya this one would be short! Thanks for reading all! As always…God bless!


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