Driving’s Mission

The purpose of the Driving Weight Loss podcast is to give you a chance to learn from a trainer the ins and outs of weight loss during your morning and evening commute. From tips and tricks to “how to’s” the goal is to provide it all.

Of course, I would like to make you smile on your way to and from work as well – so entertainment is sprinkled on top.

My only focus is to save you time. You would be driving to work listening to music anyway, why not make the most of it and learn how to change your life forever?

4Faith Fitness Logo

Driving Weight Loss is an extension of 4 Faith Fitness – an online personal training company. If you ever need a hand at this whole weight loss thing, give 4 Faith a try. The first two weeks are free so what do you have to lose?

Although the goal of Driving Weight Loss is to provide advice and entertainment during an otherwise boring activity – the ultimate drive behind the blog (pun totally intended) is to see a healthier America. I have been obese. I know what it is like and how hard it can be mentally, physically, and emotionally. Because of that personal experience, it is my personal mission to share the joy of never feeling that way again.

If you have EVER had an interest in weight loss but have found traditional training to be less than ideal (too expensive, scheduling issues, lack of consistent motivation etc.) here is some basic information about how online training removes all those barriers – the rest is up to you. I can promise that if you give online training a chance, today can be the last day you ever start a weight loss program.

Online Training:

  1. More affordable than in person
    1. The average personal training session cost in the US is $60 a session. That one session will pay over half of your monthly expenses with online training  – and you get your trainer every day, not just once or twice a week.
  2. Workout anywhere, anytime
    1. Never miss a session again due to having to be at the gym at a specific time. Something came up at work? Not a problem, just workout later or reschedule it to tomorrow.
  3. Exercise videos
    1. Each exercise has a video and a description
  4. Constant motivation
    1. “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that is why we recommend it daily” – Zig Ziglar
    2. No more having to wait to see your trainer to get your boost of motivation. Have a trainer in your pocket during every holiday, every birthday, every day of the week to help keep you on track. Never before has accountability been so accessible.

(636) 544-0363 or go to 4 Faith Fitness’ contact page to start your free trial!